Next Sony Flagship!!! Hayabusa/LT29i

28 Apr

As roumers of the new Samsung S3 (Or Whatever its Name Is) Become more intense.. Sony Seems to be upto work at the New Flagship Phone, Codenamed the Hayabusa!!!!

Behold the Hayabusa!!

If You are a real Bike Enthusiast, Hayabusa,  As You Would know, Was the Fastest Production Bike When it was Launched in 1999 and You Guys know it means Serious Business..

And The specs Alone can make us forget about the upcoming S3 and comprehend why its called the hayabusa!

It includes

  • 4.55″, HD reality screen
  • Snapdragon S4 Pro with an uprated GPU
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 13MP camera with HDR video functionality
  • 7mm profile
  • 2200 mAh battery

The Phone is Also called The LT29i (Nowhere near a name as cool as hayabusa!) And Sports a Pretty Intense hardware.

There needs to be more info before we can Actually Say this could make us toss away our soon to be galaxy s3 or the new HTC One X!!

Only Time Will tell!

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Psychic Shepherd!!

21 Apr

Psychic Shepherd!!

Many A Times We have Found out that We May Need to Fight a powerful Foe.

Many Experienced players Seems to have it with a Flick of their Eye!!

How Do they Do it, You Ask??

Not That Hard really!

The Real Reason is the Strategic placement of a Cover or a Save position Just Before a boss Fight!!

Now You Know The Secret

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19 Apr


Oversleeping has been One of the Greatest Cons of Well Sleep!! And Its Way too often that you regret the snooze button on your clock(Yeah Right!!) Or your Phone!!!!

This Little Comic Could In Fact Shake the Very Foundations Of The Alarm Clock App Construction!!!

But Still there is this Small Problem With People!! The Rich Dumba**es, May As well Pay for it!!!

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When Sould You Accept a Friends Request!!!

18 Apr

When Sould You Accept a Friends Request!!!

This “Little” Flow Chart Might Prove More Valuable to some that others!! (Seriously)

Back Again!!

18 Apr

I Know I know!! you have been seeing this for a long time now!!

Yeah i had to go somewhere urgently where apparently its really costly to access the Web!! But Now i am Back and Ready to roll.

So Tomorow onwards all my loyal viewers will be getting The Contents they Longed for!!!

I Am Just gonna Run off my tiredness and Start posting by the end of the day!!!


Until Then Chao!!


Modern World!!

25 Mar

Modern World!!

This is the Way Stuff Is going on!! Its no more a pack of cigarettes or P0rn Magazine etc, it science!!!

And Yeah! You Were just Served!


Cyanogen MOD 9 For Ace Review With Pros And Cons

14 Mar

Hey Guys! You Might Already Know that I Review ROM which interest me and guess what i am interested in ROMs which does what Previously thought impossible.!!

Yeah! so this time i am with the ICS ROM. (Reall one, ie. Not just themed)

So lets Get to the Revew!!

First of All it is still in Beta (4th one) so is not complete! it works really fine as an everyday ROM it has all the basic functions unhindered! The problem right now is that there still are some things which are not working yet! and there still are some bugs (performance related) to be fixed

The Major Ones which are not working are :-


Camera Can’t Connect

-There is No Radio ( Not even the App)

-The Voice search Doesn’t Work initially ( You Need to do the trick Mentioned here:-

-Camera LED Can’t Be Used as a Torch Either!

-YouTube Video Lags (You can still Use it to comment and listen to songs)

– Flickering still occurs (But Not noticeable until you open RAM intensive apps!)

This is the short List of the Ones which are Not Working/Has some bugs.

And now to those Which are Working!

-boot -GSM (phone/messages/GPRS/EDGE/3G)


It Works Folks

-Bluetooth -HW acceleration (full)



-GPS  (It sometimes takes time to lock)

-All sensors (proximity, roration etc)

-CyanogenMod settings (not all, it’s not fully merged by CyanogenMod team )

-Market (now you can download all apps available for Gio with GB)

-Fixed animations (now it looks good) ( Apart Form the Flickering)

-Facebook sync

-Buttons backlight

-GMail fully works

-Browser fully works

-ICS keyboard

-Games – works as smoothly as on Gingerbread

-Deep sleep (Finally CM With Good Battery)

-Wifi signal indicator (Works For me)

Now with This Beta in place there are still a lot to Improve But but given the time it took for the new updates ( blazing fast) We might have the Final CM9 for ace Sooner than Expected and Finally

A Huge thanks To the Creaters of this ROM ie. Team GalaxyICS Whith out them This Might never have seen the light! Check out the ongoing Thread at XDA Devs :-

And Now For Some ScreenShots


The New nighlty version is the Latest Version in Devolopment.

Here’s A Quick Video of that in Action.

The Only Major Problem Now is the Camera… Most of the other Problems are Fixed.. the Most Notable bieng

-Youtube Playback

-More settings options

Take the baby for a Spin And see for yourself!!